Hale & Hush Skincare Products

“I like the versatility of the Relief Bio- Powder because of its powder base. I call it my “fairy dust” because you can just dab it on a sensitive area and it seems to heal the skin, calm down redness, and speed up healing time.”  Jerry D.

"The Rare Retinal Serum exfoliated and resurfaced my skin without any of the irritation I have experienced with other product brands. Very impressed!" Jen

"A few years ago I developed Rosacea symptoms. I tried several things and nothing really helped until I began using Hale & Hush’s Quiet Wash, which significantly reduced the redness on my cheeks and forehead! Recently I ran out of a lightening serum I was using and was urged by my esthetician to try the Soothe Essence and Rare C Serums. They were the best I’ve ever used – redness completely gone and my skin is light, bright, and even. Thank you!!" Laurel D.

"I have rosacea and use several of your products in my daily routine to keep it at bay. I clean my face with the Quiet Wash. I then apply the Hush Hydrate with a brush (I was immediately pleased with how cool it feels on my skin!), and get in the shower. I easily rinse the mask off after 10 minutes or so, and my skin always feels calmer, softer, and smooth. After that, I use the Soothe Essence and Rare C Serums, the Eye Serum and the Vital Lipid Lotion. I love it all!" Betty

"I was at the dermatologist today and got the best compliment from a patient in the waiting room. She told me that my skin is so pretty and smooth, and she was even more surprised to hear that I’m 44! I told her all about Hale & Hush and how happy I’ve been since I started using them over a year ago." Denise

"I really have enjoyed Hale & Hush Products. As a nurse and a cancer survivor I have found them to be very soothing and gentle on my skin. They don’t contain ingredients used in other skin care products that would cause irritation, particularly with the sensitive skin of cancer patients. I also found the products to be moisturizing without being greasy or sticky; they left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed. Many thanks for this lovely line of products. They meet the needs of the difficult skin issues that cancer patients are often faced with. It’s great to have such a caring company doing great work."  Angela K

"I love the Eye Mousse. It has really helped minimize the fine lines around my eyes and lips!" Carol T.

"A woman in my office often has dark, puffy circles under her eyes, so I gave her some of your Eye Mousse to try. We were absolutely amazed at the results – in less than a half-hour her dark circles were drastically improved, almost non-existent! Very impressive!!!" Karen M.